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I had trouble teaching my granddaughter how to pull in and out of a parkingspot, change lanes, parallel park and drive on the interstate. I called Quick Learn Driving and he taught her everything she needed to know. I highly recommend them. I can now sit in the passenger seat with ease. Thank you again for all of your help!!
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Jody Camillery

Hasan is a great teacher and was very patient while teaching me. The lesson in parallel and reverse parking helped improve my confidence for my test! Would highly recommend!
Thank you Mr. Hasan.
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Ananya Gambhiraopet

Awesome technique to teach drivers especially teens to drive safely and making them being confident behind the wheel. I learned parallel and reverse parking in less than 10 minutes. Their service also helped me to pass my road test to get my class D license. Highly recommended!! I highly appreciate the instructor and his teaching technique.
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Muhammad Rahman

I highly recommend Mr. Mehedy Hasan as I wanted to learn how to drive on the highway.
He taught me how to manage the speed limit and to change lanes. More importantly, I gained confidence. I had followed his instructions and he was kind, patient and helpful all the while saying positive words and helped me gain confidence for driving highway 😊😊😊 he is one of the best instructor 😊

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Archana Ramachandran

He is very good at communication with the new driver and very calm while teaching new learners!

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Bhumik Patel

I enjoyed taking lessons from him and I trained my daughter and son under him. He’s very sincere and dedicated. I’d recommend him to anyone.

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Srinivasulu K

Very good service. I prefer this school to all new drivers. Very punctual 👍👍👍.

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Manoj patel

Good brief experience with professionalism and cooperative behavior. Mr Mehdi is very punctual and disciplined teacher who can judge his student’s each and every move keenly.Thanks for teaching me essentials and get me through the test with ease.I am glad to opt you as my trainer and highly recommend to new learners.

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Mehreen Thayani


Mehdi was a great driving teacher. He taught me very well and now I am very confident in driving. I think you should go check him out if you think you are scared because after driving with Mehdi you will be confident.

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Daanish Chitalwala




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